About Targeted Attack: The Game

With all bad things in life, we like to believe that “it will never happen to us”. Unfortunately the reality of targeted attacks against commercial organizations is such that many in the security world are characterizing it as a “when” rather than an “if”.

With Targeted Attack: The Game, Trend Micro wants to put you in the driving seat. You are the CIO of a global organization called The Fugle, on the verge of making the first release of a biometrically authenticated mobile payment app. You will steer the project through its final stages, dealing with your internal security team, your colleagues in Marketing and PR and of course your CEO.

There are many competitors and individuals out there who would love to get their hands on the data held by your organization at such a critical time. Can you make the right choices? Can you keep the project on time and on budget? Can you protect your company from attack?

Based on the format of the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, the game offers you the chance to step into someone else’s shoes and find out if you’re good enough to come out on top.


The Characters



CIO of The Fugle. An experienced manager and a true visionary. He is the heart and the mind behind the app. His amazing programming background and leadership skills help guide our company to a better future.



Security Manager. Your right-hand man. He takes care of our corporate security and our customers’ privacy. Randall manages a dream team of professionals, keeping customer data safe at The Fugle.



CEO of The Fugle. Melinda develops and drives the entire corporate strategy. One of the most visionary CEOs in the industry and the very best when it comes to turning ideas into reality.



Marketing Director. MBA in Marketing and Communications from Yarvard University; professionalism personified. Vanessa knows all about marketing in the InfoSec sector and beyond. She is the inspiration and leader behind every Fugle marketing campaign.



PR Manager. The one and only, Julian has been in the industry for more than a decade and was last year awarded “Best PR Manager” by the Journalists’ Review. Reporting to Vanessa, he is always friendly, always professional, always ready to help the media do their job.



Seargant Harrisson does not trust new technologies, still believing in traditional investigation methods; a very thorough detective who will go on make a great career in the Police Department. If you want to see how his career progresses, check